Jan 10, 2008

Malayalam -Current Scenario (late 1990s - mid 2000s)

After the early 1990s the quality of Malayalam cinema declined. Partly due to the arrival of satellite digital television and film piracy and partly due to the changing interests of the audience. The movies in current period is largely nonsensical comedies primarily aiming at large scale entertainment without much artistic message. These movies include Meesamadhavan (2002) by Lal Jose and Kunjikkoonan directed by Sasi Shankar (2002). However notable exceptions to these were the motion pictures Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala by Srinivasan (1998) and Vanaprastham (1999) directed by Shaji N Karun. Also Narasimham the highest-grossing Malayalam movie as of 2005 was relased during this period, in 2000.Here comes the place for Jayaraj who acts double role in Direction as at the same time when he receive national awards by running in the tracks of Art films, he makes sincere try to set new trends in malayalam cinema by directing films like “..For the people”. This is the period where two sequels of previously notable movies came out Mohanlal's Ravanaprabhu the second part of Devasuram and Mammotty's Sethuramayyar CBI the third part of Oru CBI Dairykurippu. Udayananu Tharam, a blockbuster and a trend-setter, was jointly released by the Mohanlal and Sreenivasan.This period witnessed the migration of Malayalam film technicians to participate in other language films. Among them were Priyadarshan, Santosh Sivan, Sabu Cyril, Ravi K. chandran, Sreekar Prasad and others