Jan 10, 2008

Malayalam Cinema - Eminent Directors

Adoor Gopalakrishnan who appeared on the scene with Chitralekha Film Society, directed the film "Swayam Varam' in 1972. Later, he made 'Kodiyettam', 'Elipathayam', 'Mukha Mukham', 'Mathilukal', 'Vidheyan', and 'Katha Purushan', which won national and international acclaim. Aravindan was another important film director, who started his career with the film 'Utharayanam'. His other films'Kanjana Seetha', 'Thampu', Kummatti', 'Esthapan', 'Pokku Veyil', and 'Chidambaram' also won universal recognition. M.T. Vasudevan Nair's directorial venture 'Nirmalyam' won national honours. Most of the films scripted by him were masterpieces, like 'Vaisali', 'Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha', 'Perumthachan', and 'Parinayam'. I V Sasi entered the film industry by directing a small budget film with Ummer as the lead, Ulsavam (1975), which became a commercial success. He continued this success in most of his later films, Angadi (1980), Ee nadu, Meen, Trishna (1981), Mi>Ragam, Anubandham (1985), Vartha and Avanazhi (1986) being some of his notable films. Fazil is considered as the biggest money-spinning director of present day Malayalam film industry. He started his career with the film Manjil virinja pookal, which introduced Mohan Lal who later became a super star of Malayalam cinema. Ente Mamatikuttiammakku, Nokatha doorathu kannum nattu, Pappayude swantham Appus, Aniathipravu and Harikrishnans are some of his commercially successful films.Balachandra Menon, who entered Malayalam cinema in the 70s is miraculously surviving even today, and has even won a National Film award for best actor. Menon makes his films almost single handedly, looking after direction, editing, writing, music direction and so on. Tharatu, Kelkatha shabdam, Karyam nisaram, Samantharangal and Krishna Gopalakrishna are some of his major films. Srinivasan who entered the cinema industry as an actor later proved his talent in writing screenplays and also direction. The two films he directed, Vadakkunoki yantram and Chintavistayaya Shyamala could be considered among the best commercial films ever produced in Malayalam. These films had in-depth study of middle class family relationships and also human psychology.Now it is Mr. Blessy doing the trick and his two films yet has given his own identity. His two pictures, kaazhcha and Thanmatra are big hits. And he is writing a new formula to invite the family to the cinemas. Among other important film directors are Padmarajan, Bharathan, Shaji N. Karun, Sibi Malayil, K.G. George, T.V. Chandran, K.R. Mohanan, Lenin Rajendran, Pridyadarshan, and John Abraham