Jan 17, 2008

Actress - Interview with Kavya Madhavan


Have you not even thought about marriage yet?

I’m not going to say that I didn’t even think about marriage. I want a good and peaceful life. God surely knows when to bring my groom to me.

We heard that you are going to do a film in Telugu for a huge pay. Is that true?

I never said that I wouldn’t do films in other languages. But, this is an information that I’ll have to deny. I’m waiting for good offers.

You have an excellent role in ‘Charumukhi’…?

The film is getting delayed due to callsheet problem of other stars. I hope they begin shooting immediately.

You have become a heroine when you were a student and subsequently busy in films. Were you able to continue your studies?

I have registered as a plus two student in humanities with the Open University. I missed the April exam due to various film projects that came continuously. I am going to write the examination in September and taking tuitions. I am not a brilliant student. But I am sure I will get pass marks. Well I am not going to hold high positions. Am I? I have only a tiny ambition. That is to become a graduate. So I am not quitting my studies.

It is the same character you have played in 'Oomappenninu…'and 'En Manavathil'. When you repeat a character how can you possibly improvise it?

This is the first time I am playing a character twice. I was really nervous when I was told by Vinayan that I had to play a dumb in his film.

How did you train yourself for this role?
I went to a deaf and dumb school. Observe them communicating in sign language. Then I saw the film Koshish in Hindi. I had prepared myself for the role meticulously. When I had to play the role second time in Tamil, my tensions were eased. Both critics and viewers complemented my performance. It was with confidence that I went to the shooting of En Manavathil the greatest advantage was I was not required to converse. So the Language problem did not arise in Tamil. Further the director and crew were same.

Meesa Madhavan is going to be remade in Tamil by director Lal Jose. Will you be the heroine?
I heard that Lal Jose chettan is remaking Meesa… in Tamil. I heard the hero is Vijay. No body has so far asked me to play the female role. If I am offered the role I will accept it definitely. It was this director who gave me a heroine's role first. If the hero feels differently then I may not get the chance.

Meera jasmine, Navya Nair, Nitya Das, Nandana Menon…. There are new heroines and new girls. Do you expect competition?

Let more and more heroines come. This something good and not a threat at all. There are new heroes also. When there are more teenage heroes we girls also will get our chances. The talented one will survive. Others will strive to excel. It will be a healthy competition. But above all there is this important factor called luck. There girls more beautiful than me more talented than me. But I am getting these chances because I have my lady luck with me too.

But even otherwise heroines are left behind. Some are married and left the scene themselves. Some are not getting chances. Aren't you worried?

Yes I had thought about it. Senior artists like Sheela, Sarada, Jayabharathy all had sustained their positions as heroines for a long time. Contemporary heroines are not able to hold on. I am wonderstruck when I hear Prem Nazir- Sheela duo had acted in 107 pictures. Viewers of that period never tired of seeing them both together. I have acted with Dileep chettan in six films. I am not sure whether the present day viewers would like us to come together again. I will be here as long as I can survive. I want to be remembered on account of some strong characters. Like the ones Manju warrior did. She is still there in the minds of viewers. It is because she was able to do a number of good roles. I will not regret if I had to leave the film field after doing a few good roles.

You did not act with Mammootty, Mohan Lal and Suresh Gopi as their heroine?

It is because my image is of teen age heroine. Viewers may not accept the situation. As a professional artist I cherish to act opposite those top artists. May be I will get a chance after two or three years. Though not opposite I had acted with them in Rakhsasarajavu, Oral Mathram (with Mammootty) and in Onnaman (with Mohan Lal).

Why did you do those roles? Those were not main roles and you were not noticed in them?

So many had asked me this question. First the films were that of two top actors. Second top filmmakers directed those films. True the roles were not important. When I was informed about the roles they were important. Later it changed. I was sad. Some portions were edited in Rakshadsarajjavu. I was the pair to Dileep. There was a song sequence in which we both appeared. I even complained to Vinayan sir. He pacified me saying that I would be given a good role in the future. He gave me chance in Kasi. Now the whole of Tamilnadu knows me through his Kasi role.

You are a teen-age actress. Yet you acted opposite Nedumudi Venu in Jeevan Masai. How come?

I did three different phases of the role in it. That is my explanation. I am proud of the role also. The role of Pingalakesini the goddess of death. I am sad that the film is not released in commercial circuit. Perhaps it may come in TV.

Do you intend to continue your stay in Cochin?

No Never. Wherever I am in this world, I prefer to remain as Neeleswaram girl. I will go back to my village once I am done with films.

How did you feel when Dileep picked Gopika up for ‘Pachakudhira’?

If I’m going to expect that I’ll be the heroine of all Dileep films, then I’ll be in trouble.

If Gopika became the No 1 heroine in Malayalam, would you still not feel upset?
Let me tell you something- I don’t go about wasting my time on such thoughts. I try to give my best to each and every movie offer that I get. I don’t have ego hassles and I don’t get jealous at others. There’s place for everybody in the film industry. I saw Gopika’s ‘Chaandupottu’. I saw her ‘Autograph’ too. She had acted very well in the film. I’m really happy at her progress.

Don’t you ever feel upset or regretful?
I’m a human being. I have those emotions too. Sometimes dad used to shout at me. Mom would cry. I used to feel so upset that I start to cry too. Life has both pleasure and pain.

How do you deal with pain?

I read books. Sometimes, I start doing some glass-paintings.

Do you remember your sad moments?

No, I don’t. There are many who had hurt me. I try to forget those incidents.